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The weather has been too nice to permit sewing. It’s perfect for exploring though!

baby hands exploring grass

baby hands in grass

My camera and I did a little exploring as well.

spring flowers dream


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What: Reversible Mary Jane baby shoes, Size 0-18 Months
Designer: SweetPeaPattern
Price: $4.50
Pattern Type: Electronic, Adobe PDF
Sewing Level: Intermediate (just over Beginner)
Can you sell items made from the pattern? YES.

A few weeks ago I was browsing baby dresses and patterns on Etsy and came across this pattern for reversible Mary Janes with three strap options from SweetPeaPattern.  I will admit that this was a bit of an impulse buy, but from the listing I thought these little shoes would be a great little project to use up some of the many fat quarters and other fabric scraps I have overflowing my boxes in the sewing room.

The pattern came to me via email within several hours.  I have come to appreciate pdf patterns on several levels.  I like that there is no middle-man; I receive the pattern directly from the person who made it.  That usually translates into a decent priced pattern for me, and more profit made for the designer.  I have also found that pdf patterns are usually a labor of love: the photos are in color, the details are clearly laid out, and if something is not easily understood, the designer is usually readily available to answer questions.

After receiving the pattern, I printed it out and cut the pieces for a 6-9 month shoe with ribbon ties.  The pattern comes with lots of pictures and does not assume that the sewist knows more than s/he actually does.  Given the method of sewing the pieces together, it would have been very easy to make the directions more difficult than needed, but instead there were very clearly written directions and pictures to answer questions left by the instructions.  There are even little side notes and tips to make sure your shoes don’t pucker or cave.

All in all it took me about 70 minutes to make one pair of shoes.  I am so pleased with the outcome, even on the first try.  My daughter is nearly 7 months old, and I would have been fine using the 3-6 month pattern for her.  I think these will not actually fit well for another month.  She does love the shoes though and enjoys playing with the ribbons!

Did I mention yet that these are reversible?  I love that these can be made with complimenting fabrics, and both fabrics can be used as the liner or the actual shoes!!  The other good thing with this is that all of the seams are encased so there are no unsightly raw edges.

I have not made the other two versions of this shoe yet, but I plan to do so soon.  Once you make one pair, I think it will be easy to make the others without a  great deal of additional effort.

One more note to make, SweetPeaPatterns not only offers these sweet little Mary Janes but also has some loafers for little boys, kimono style shoes, seamless slippers, ballet style shoes and a pattern for car seat strap covers.

Want to buy the pattern? Visit SweetPeaPattern shop

Want to buy some already made shoes? Contact irenedesign@ymail[dot]com

Irene Design was not paid to conduct this review and is not supported by SweetPeaPattern.  Sewing Pattern Photos come from and belong to SweetPeaPattern.

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Picnik collage orange dots

I could (and sometimes do) spend hours browsing through patterns and fabrics online.  I would do it in person if I had the time.  I recently found some patterns by Romeo and Mae that I fell head over heels for.  What’s a girl to do when she falls head over heels for a pattern but buy it?  (How materialistic does that sound? yikes!)

I purchased the Milla Modern Pinafor pattern and haven’t looked back.  I made three dresses in one weekend and another dress this past weekend but couldn’t get the pictures because I had this huge ordeal with trying to get the snaps on.  The short version of the story is that I finally had a coupon for Joann’s so I bit the bullet and bought a real pair of snap pliers.  It was the best decision I made since buying this pattern.

The pattern comes as a .pdf straight to your inbox so you don’t have to wait a week for the mailman to show up.  You can also print it out in every size rather than messing around with folding the right size from your pattern.

The pattern and directions are very straightforward; there were no points of confusion for me, and that is saying a lot. I really do not do well with directions, but this pattern may be the first exception.

My one complaint–and this is a small one–is that the sizing seems a bit off.  I have an average sized two month old, and when I made the first dress using the 0-3 month size, it was too small for her.  So I have been making one size up for her.  I still need to make a few adjustments to the sizing because even the 3-6 month size is border line too tight around the chest.  If Iwant her to be able to wear the dress for more than one month, I will need to widen the chest area a bit and lengthen the straps. I would say that a 1/2″ addition to all seems would do the trick.

It takes me about 1.5 hours to make one dress from start to finish.  I think I am getting it down to closer to an hour though.

One thing I love about this pattern is how versatile it is.  The dress would be really cute in the summer as a stand alone outfit, but it can also be paired with long sleeves and tights or baby legs for the fall and winter months.

I also love that I can mix and match my fabrics.

This pattern is a great pattern for anyone who can sew at an intermediate level or above.  It does take a little know-how with maneuvering the neckline through your machine, but other than that, it is very simple.

Adeline wore the pink one to church last weekend.

modern pinafore pink and blue

This one is probably going to be one of Adeline’s Christmas party dresses. She is a popular baby, so she will need more than one Christmas party dress.


This is the first one I made.  It would be perfect for a newborn or very petite 0-3 month old.  It is currently in my shop.

Want to make a Modern Pinafore?  Check out Romeo and Mae’s SHOP.

Want to buy a Modern Pinafore? Check out my SHOP.

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Romeo and Mae (formally known as Lil Peas and Carrots) have some of the cutest patterns for little girl clothes.  A friend of mine has a dress for her baby that is made from this pattern, and it is absolutely adorable.  This is at the top of my list of items to buy next for Adeline.

apron knot dress

I want to make some clothes for Adeline, and I am already thinking about making her First Christmas dress.  I bought the Milla pattern this week and can’t wait to get started on it.  Depending on how it turns out, this just might be the dress for her.  I love this style because it is so simple but could look really cute with a long sleeve onesie and tights underneath.  I also have lots of ideas for different fabric pairings to make the dress.

pinafore pattern

*Photos are from the Romeo and Mae shop.

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This vacation is coming to a close just like any other: wishing I had “one more” day of it to enjoy!  I can’t believe Sunday evening is already here and I will be getting up bright and early tomorrow to head back to work.  Good thing I like going to work, or I may seriously consider a sick day! 

This short break was wonderful!  It consisted of nothing particularly special, but everything entirely wonderful!  I had family (well, my husband!), friends, food, a little bit of shopping (I really tried to resist, but by the time Saturday came around, I had to go), and of course plenty of sewing.  Here’s what I did when I wasn’t eating, cleaning, sleeping, playing games, walking, cuddling on the couch, watching football, or anything else!

The vintage style apron is a gift for my cousin for Christmas, and I had enough fabric left over for the Martini Apron which will be up in my shop.  I used the insructions from Amy Butler’s In Stitches to make that one (with a few modifications of course).  The first one took me a really long time.  For some reason I find that her instructions are really difficult to follow. But once I figured out what I was supposed to be doing, the second one was made in half the time or less.  I always say to myself that I am never going to use one of her patterns again, but I inevitably do because they really do turn out great, and hopefully the more I make, the better I’ll get at following instructions :o)

The elephant burp cloths are for an order from the weekend, and the star burp cloths and baby blanket are for my best friend from college who is having a little boy in a couple of months!  I picked up the cute animal print fleece at Joann’s on Saturday, and I already had the chocolate brown minky.  I love the softness of both fabrics, and the print makes me want to wrap up a little baby all tight and cozy in there!

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Cloth napkins seem to be the theme for this week, and babies are the them of the month (no, not me)!

I’ve been keeping busy finishing two custom orders…remember the stack of napkins I showed you in the last post?  Those are finished!

green napkins



Saturday I went to one of the four babyshowers I have been invited to this month.  I made some burp cloths, a bib and a onesie with some of the Alexander Henry fabrics I had.  Take a look!

flower onesie and bib

elephant burp cloths

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**I already posted this, but as I was looking back I realized that my post was boring and I forgot to tell you what kept me so busy this weekend!**

I am currently working on a custom order which includes two twin-size comforters and two pillow shams.  They for a little girl who is turning 9 next month…she and her sister are getting new bedding :o)  I am using an Alexander Henry print for the large middle panel, and the dots are part of a fabric line from Kitty Yoshida.  The fleece on the other side is from Joann’s, and it is soooo soft!  It would be really hard to get out of bed if it meant leaving behing that fleece!  One tip for those of you who sew: When sewing long items like this, it often helps to start in the center and work your way out.  This helps to keep the fabric from bunching up as you go along.

I also worked on finishing up the order for a baby shower Brandon’s mom is attending soon.  I tried to make some bibs on my own, along with these, but I think these turned out much better.  They look a little disproportionate in the picture, but they are really cute! This gift set is now finished and includes one blanket, three bibs, and three burp cloths. 


I love how this set turned out.  I used  Japanese cotton fabrics for the blanket and burp cloths and a chocolate brown minky fabric for the reverse side of the blanket.  Another tip for you: If you are sewing with minky (or fleece for that matter), use lots of pins!  It is a pain at first, but it will keep the fabric in place as you move along.  I actually made these prior to the weekend, but settled on the final grouping of everything and took a few more pictures on Sunday.

Going back to what I did other than sewing over the weekend…Friday night was a treat because Brandon was off work.  We went to the movies and saw “W” then to dinner.  Now before you cast judgement either way on this movie, know that like any other, it should be taken with a grain of salt (get some popcorn!)  It was average from an entertainment standpoint, although it was obviously biased against President Bush.  It should not be taken too literally as a biography of his life, but it does offer a satirical look into his life.  (For those of you who don’t like satire, stay away from this one.)    I think about 3/4 of the way into it, I turned to Brandon and whined, “This is soooooo long, and my butt hurts.”  Hey, it was Friday, and I had worked all week!  Anyway, it was a fine movie, but by no means great or on any of my top 3 lists.  

Saturday I babysat and got creamed by a ten year old while playing ping pong.  Let’s just say the only game I won was the one where I was down 17-6 and he offered to trade scores with me!

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