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April 15 is fast approaching.  Do you know what that means?

Your taxes are due. Well, they are, but I’m not really here to remind you of that.

April 15 is the day that Irene Design moves to its new home!

In an effort to streamline everything I am doing, I am moving my blog to a blogspot address.  Between now and April 15, I will double post on both blogs (so they will be the same).  However after April 15, I will only add new posts to the blogspot domain.

I thought long and hard about this because I do not want to add to anyone’s confusion, and I do not want to loose any readers.  If you currently have my blog bookmarked in your internet browser, or if you subscribe to my blog with a feed reader (RSS, Google Reader, etc.) please replace my wordpress address with this one:


I value each one of you readers and want to make sure I don’t loose you in the move!! However with my Real Food blog, and with the ease with which I can customize using blogger, this move in necessary.

I would love to know that you are following me over.  Please check out my new blog (it’s got all new background, header, link icons, fonts, and all), and leave me a message letting me know you made it!


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