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This weekend I avoided my chores with

Too little sleep
antique shops
walking in the park
candy shopping
catching up with friends

here is a sneak peek at what I worked on in the sewing room

dress hem

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To Do: Sit Down and Sew

It is actually a good thing that the pattern I ordered last week has not come in yet, because last night the reality of my To-Do list for this weekend set in.  It comes in the form of a pile of 22 napkins that need to be hemmed and sewn, 3 sandwich wraps to sew, and some keychains to put together–all while making sure we have groceries, a clean house, and make it to both of our commitments on Saturday!  Now I know why I feel so busy.

Back to the pattern because that is what I am really excited about.

I found a dress online last week that I really liked but we’ll just say it was out of my price range (as in out of my Christmas/Birthday wish list price range even).  So I decided to look at patterns, and I came across this one and decided I liked it almost as much as that dress that I cannot afford.  I found some gorgeous ceylon blue cotton fabric and hope to have this finished in the next couple of weeks after I start whittling down that List (which I forgot to mention also involves 6 Christmas presents).  The best part is that with a few modifications I plan to make (like adding a tie belt where the third set of buttons are) this will really be one of a kind and I can say “I made it.”

I’m off to tackle that napkin pile and am not even going to look at the mailbox until I’m at least half way through!

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Romeo and Mae (formally known as Lil Peas and Carrots) have some of the cutest patterns for little girl clothes.  A friend of mine has a dress for her baby that is made from this pattern, and it is absolutely adorable.  This is at the top of my list of items to buy next for Adeline.

apron knot dress

I want to make some clothes for Adeline, and I am already thinking about making her First Christmas dress.  I bought the Milla pattern this week and can’t wait to get started on it.  Depending on how it turns out, this just might be the dress for her.  I love this style because it is so simple but could look really cute with a long sleeve onesie and tights underneath.  I also have lots of ideas for different fabric pairings to make the dress.

pinafore pattern

*Photos are from the Romeo and Mae shop.

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I am not the kind of person who enjoys a challenge simply because it is challenging.  I don’t always like to finish something just to say, “I did that.”  But there are certainly moments when I finish some rather challenging task, and I step back and say, “Wow, I did do that.”  This latest custom project was certainly one of “those” challenges!

The closest thing I have made to these are my re-usable snack bags or the wet bag for diapers.  So, when asked to make something that was big enough to fit a Nintendo DS, its charger, a few other accessories, and an MP3 Player, I knew that a snack bag would not do! 

I looked through pages of information online to see if I could come up with some kind of tutorial that I could tweek to fit what I wanted, but the closests thing I came up with was a crocheted one.  That person is no doubt incredibly talented, but since I do not crochet, I had to find something else.  A found a few pictures that were not at all what I was looking for, so instead, I came up with the dimensions I wanted, figured out where I would place the extras such as pockets and elastic, and begin drawing a pattern. 

I practiced with some paper before cutting out the fabric.  (It had been mailed to me, so I would have had a tough time replacing it if I messed up!)  I made two of these, and I am really happy with how they turned out.  I included custom mad fabric-covered buttons on each one along with a carrying handle, so these almost look like minature lunch bags. 

As the final part of this particular order, I also made some sandwich wraps out of some other fabrics my friend sent me.  I also managed to make a few more sandwich wraps to put up in the shop.  I am running low on the fabrics I use for those, so if you want when, get it while you can! 

If you are interested in any kind of custom order, please let me know.  The holidays are coming quickly (believe it or not!), and I will be closing off custom orders around the end of November, depending on how many come in.  At the rate things are going, I doubt it will be any later than that.

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Brandon’s parents left yesterday, and it was a little strange to have such an extended period of quiet in the house.  I enjoyed having them here as I always do, and I was really sad to see them go.  Brandon’s mom did help me by cutting out a bunch of sandwich wraps.  Cutting is one of my least favorite parts of the whole sewing processing–especially when it involves 30 of the same exact thing! 

I did make several more wraps tonight and am slowly whiddling away at those numbers so I can be caught up!  My big project tonight was the placemat set from the Kitty Yoshida fabric I bought a few weeks ago.  I really like the way they turned out, esecially how the colors and patterns compliment one another while each being very different from the others.  I did not use any interfacing on these because I really like the “organic” feeling of the fabric with those prints.  And, what placemat set would be complete without cloth napkins?  I love using cloth napkins, and these provide so much versatility to complete the set. 

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Why do I do this?

I am not completely positive about this, but I think that the first sewing project I completed was stuffed hampster for my eighth grade home-ec class.  I remember sewing a pair of flannel pants with my mom in ninth grade because all of the cool girls were wearing pajama pants to school and I wanted some  (true story!).  We worked on several other projects together, my favorite of which is a dress that I still have that we made from some really beautiful blue fabric I bought in Guinea.   I enjoyed sewing when I was younger, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I became really interested.

One of my amazing roommates received a package from her grandmother that included a set of handmade placemats.  I was slightly jealous because they were beautiful, but it was then that I really decided I wanted to sew.  Mainly I wanted to make myself a nice set of placemats.  That was three years ago. 

Fast forward to the beginning of this year.  I still had not made those placemats, but I started looking at fabric and what not and decided it was time.  I talked to my good friend, Diane, who let me borrow her machine for a month so I could see if I liked sewing enough to take the plunge and buy my own machine.  I bought some fabric and made a table runner and napkins to spruce up my table with.  I loved the entire process of making this, so I quickly bought some more fabric and made another runner and napkin set and a placemat and napkin set. 



Needless to say, it didn’t take long for me to know that making the investment of purchasing a machine was a no-brainer.  So, I bought a refurbished Brother CS6000 from Overstock.com  This was a great buy!! 

Now I get to to make things for other people, and that is such a satisfying way to spend my time.  I can be creative and productive at the same time (although my kitchen sink needs a little more productivity around it now!).  I love to help people pick out fabrics, colors, designs, and make something for them that will be truly unique and something to treasure.

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Despite not receiving several items I needed this weekend, I was able tot get quite a bit done.  I finished and mailed off the bedding set I worked on.  It included one king-size duvet cover, two king-size pillow shams, and three decorative pillow covers.  Because of the size of the project, I was unable to get some good pictures off all of it.    Here’s tasts of how it turned out:

I also finished a smaller project with the same fabric from the duvet cover.  I made two custom-sized pillow cases for someone who plans to do a bit of traveling over the next few months.  With the thicker material, she won’t have to worry about dirt and who know what else getting through the fabric to the pillow. 

I also cut out 36 outer pieces for the sandwich wraps.  Just last week, I had orders come in totaling 37!  Needless to say, I spent a long time cutting that out.  Once I receive the lining layer, I’ll be doing the same there.  I also sewed six more of those with the remaining fabric for the first order, and I tried my hand at some reusable snack bags :o)

I will not be selling these as the “pattern” still needs to be tweeked a bit.  I use that word very loosely here, especially considering that I just used various scraps.  I’ll be using them myself to see how they work :o) 

Other than that, I was able to spend some time with my husband playing games and reading.  I am reading a book by a Kentucky author, Wendell Berry.  I may post on that once it is finished. 

Don’t forget to see my giveway below for your chance to win one of the sandwich wraps I’ve been working on!  Tomorrow is the last chance!!

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